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God shed his grace on thee 

-- only if you -- 

Pray America Christian Again

The PACA Plan 

is a simple 

step-by-step method 

to - Make America Great Again - as 

a Christian-based Republic 

as it was originally 

conceived and designed 

by the Founding Fathers.

Simple as the Texas Two-Step

Step 1: With as few as 1% of all Christians ever becoming involved in PACA, by following the PACA Plan, Christians will take back our State governments, by electing exemplary Christian-based PACA leaders into the State legislatures.  (Lawyers are only 0.33% of the population and they ALWAYS win. We will explain why.)

Step 2: Our Christian-based, PACA-led States will continue the PACA PLAN, by taking back their historic pre-1913 control over what has become a non-Christian federal government, by taking back control over the United States Senate - the center of all power in Washington. Even more important to the PACA PLAN, is for the PACA-led State governments to obtain control over the Federal government's puppet master, that den of vipers known as New York City, with all its non-Christian media, non-Christian Wall Street, non-Christian Madison Avenue and non-Christian Federal Reserve. Surrounding Central Park is the monopoly power which is the real center of power in a country never designed to be centralized. A country certainly not designed to be centralized into a global government, again centered in New York City under the United Nations; the same city who gave us their very own New York Senator, Hillary Clinton and New York City's very own favorite son, Donald Trump, as our two choices for President of the United States.  

URGENT for 2019!!!!!

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, church groups, ministers, pastors and priests to work this year, 2019, for winning the primary elections of 2020.

The PACA PLAN is the only safe, sane and Christian way to Drain the Swamp.  


Don't believe it can be done? Then read Reflections on PACA to become aware of how easy it really would be. 

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In our darkest hours, Faith sustains us


Have you all but lost hope in America's slow moral decline?  In our economic decline? In our spiritual decline?

Faith has arrived


Now, there is a way for Christians to retake their country from the evil which besets it.

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But donate FIRST to your local candidate. This is a de-centralized campaign, despite this site wanting the resources to pursue this effort with more vigor across the nation. 

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Share your stories so we can share with others. Let us know if you want PACA merchadise such as something to wear to church to show your solidarity. We would love to learn how you support the cause. Tell us what you have done to organize your church or your district. What works, what does not work.

God Bless America