Let Indiana lead the way

Old Indiana Church

Why Indiana?

Why not Indiana? 

Is not the former Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, the sole voice of Christian reason in the Executive branch of our government today?

If Indiana cannot go PACA, cannot provide inspiration for the rest of the country,  then there is no hope for any State to go PACA.

Roberts Park Methodist Church in Indianapolis, IN

Enrollment Deadlines are Important!!

No sooner than January 10, 2018 and no later than February 9, 2018 is the deadline for a candidate to file for the primary election in the State of Indiana.

PACA candidates MUST be decided upon BEFORE the filing deadline. 

The 2018 Indiana election calendar is HERE.

North Christian Church, Columbus, In

Get moving!

Organize your church members to select your state representative and coordinate with all other Christian churches in your state district to vote on the final candidate to represent all the churches.

Do not forget to give your chosen candidate all the support he needs.

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