The PACA Plan

Plan to Pray America Christian Again


  • Step 1) A nation that prays together stays together. Restoration of the former Christian greatness of America can only happen with the blessings of our local churches - at the bottom – recognizing  that formerly Christian leadership in political power - at the top - has long been supplanted by non-Christians.   


  • Step 2) For a full ground-to-top Christian restoration to be possible, members of each church in a state congressional district (house and senate) must select a representative from among their trusted church members, contribute to a Pay-Unto-Caesar donation to support the ultimate district PACA candidate -- and then pray. Other than showing up on election day - your job is done!  Job finished!  Job complete!

  • Step 3) The representatives from all Churches within a Congressional district will then appoint a leading representative from among themselves, who will enroll in either the Democrat or Republican primary of whichever political party normally wins that state congressional district.   


  • Step 4) Come primary day, all Christians show up to vote for the designated Christian PACA candidate and that person should win the primary election and be a shoe-in for the general election. 

  • Step 5) With a Christian-ran State legislature, have each State select and fund its own candidate for the United States Senate to run against the Republican and Democrat parties.  

  • Step 6) Once a majority of State "appointed" senators are in Congress, have them present a repeal to the 17th Amendment. (Recognizing that our Constitution’s Article 5, expressly FORBID any constitutional amendment to forcibly takes away the right of ANY State to VOTE in the United States Senate.)  


  • Step 7) The 17th Amendment repeal is the BETTER route as an Amendment to repeal can never be questioned later; and better yet, a repeal MUST strengthen the maintenance of a National Republic, not a National Democracy, by NOT allowing State legislators to ever again delegate their job of appointing US Senators to a "democratic vote of the People". 


  • Step 8) By Constitutional Amendment, create an independent-of-the-federal-government "media and investigatory Watchdog Congress", ran only by the States, whose only purpose is to regulate the "Fourth Branch of Government" -- the mass media -- and to act as independent investigators of federal agencies for purposes of impeachment. This will balance the federal power against the media power


  • Step 9) Stand back and watch as the newly empowered States now firmly in control of the US Senate, ran by patriotic American Christians, dismantle the Federal Leviathan piece by piece, using their former vertical Checks and Balances as they restore our country to its former Christian greatness. 


Pray America Christian Again 

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Here you can find the complete PACA plan. It's not too complicated.

The PACA Plan (pdf)


PACA Promotional Flyer (pdf)